Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and Librarian 2.0: A Review of Literature

Ok, this is a new feature.  As part of my Social Media class I am required to write my reflections on what I read for the week.  I need a nifty name for this so please leave your suggestions in the comments.  My posts here will be a little more in depth than the ones […]

Reading Lists, and Discussion Board Posts, and Blogs oh my!

It seems that this semester, textbooks a couple of journal articles won’t be the only things I have to read.  Already three days into the semester, and the Discussion Boards for both classes move at lightening speed it seems.  And then there are the blog posts I’ll have to read as well. While the reading […]

Here’s To One More Year of School

Two years down, one more to go.  Tomorrow marks the first day of my third and final year of library school.  I’m so ready for this to done with.  I have five classes left to take out of thirteen. My last required class is Collection Development.  I’ve logged into Blackboard and it looks like all […]