New Port Richey Library Earns 4 Star Rating from Library Journal

I meant to get this out weeks ago, but I ended up with the flu, and then bronchitis, so I’m a little late with this auspicious news. For the past few months I’ve been doing my fieldwork at the New Port Richey Library in downtown New Port Richey.  Founded in 1919 by Dr. Avery, the […]

Gaming in Libraries

Gaming in libraries is a relatively new concept.  Gaming has become increasingly popular over the last 30 years since the introduction of Nintendo in the late ’80s.  While I never had a Nintendo, Sony’s Play Station, or  a Sega system growing up, I knew several who did.  Video games have become part of our culture, […]

The (Mis)Adventures of the Jedi Librarian

Like all Jedi, I have adventures now and then. This past August, the Star Wars Convention, Celebration VI, was in Orlando for a second time.  I  made my debut at Celebration V as the Jedi Librarian, even though I had only just applied to USF’s program.  I was sure I was in.  Celebration is  always fun to […]