The Future of Museum and Library Relations

The following is the final paper I wrote for Museums and Libraries as Cultural Heritage Institutions. Museums and libraries have been around for centuries, but they have not always worked together.  Both are important cultural heritage institutions that would benefit from working together to help preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the people they […]

Library and Museum Partnerships: A Review of the Literarure

I apolozize for the delay in posting my last few thing for class, but I ran out of time a few weeks ago and then I had some things that kept me away from the computer. The final topic in Museums and Librareis as Cultural Heritage Institutions was Library and Museum Partnerships. Bell’s article was […]

Libraries as Cultural Heritage Institutions: A Review of the Literature

This weeks topic for my class was Libraries as Cultural Heritage institutions.  Many of the articles focused on digitizing cultural items with some of the others focusing on the interaction between libraries, museums, and archives as cultural heritage institutions. I talked about the first article for my discussion board post, copied here.  Davison focused on […]

Cultural History of a Small Town: Safety Harbor’s First Settlers

I did two sites in Safety Harbor, that in my opinion were related, and they were just down the road from one another making a perfect little afternoon outing to learn the history and cultural heritage of the town. Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center 329 Bayshore Blvd Safety Harbor Fl, 34695   Philippe Park […]

Cultural Landsacpes – Zoos, Botanical Gardens, Landscapes, and Other Cultural Heritage Sites: A Review of The Literature

This week we again went over the Cultural Landscape Foundation and their efforts to preserve buildings, landscapes, parks, and other historic sites that are a part of our past and culture. The second site we reviewed was World Heritage Sites in the U.S.  I’d never realized that some of our national parks and state parks […]

Expanding Definitions and Understandings of Cultural Heritage: A Review of the Literature

For week six there was a long list of sites and articles with abstracts.  I won’t feature all of them, as I only had a chance to explore or read some of them in their entirety.  It was just a bit too much for one week. I went through the resources this week, and the […]

Florida History: A Review of the Literature

Last week of my class was not only the halfway mark, but focused on Florida history and local history.  We explored several sites and programs.  This is more of a review of the resources available to Floridians to learn about the history and culture of the state than it is a literature review, but I’m […]