Another Semester Over…And a New One’s Just Begun

One more semester over with and another begins.  I think I’ve used that first line and title already, but for the life of me I can’t remember! *looks back through pots*  Phew!  I haven’t!  That was a close one.  *looks around nervously* I  finished the Spring semester with a 97 in my Library Administration class and […]

Marketing your library: From Social Media to Trading Cards

I spent the week working on my paper for Library Administration, entitled Marketing Your Library.  I put a special focus on using Social Media to promote the services your library offers by talking about famous libraries that implement and support it’s use.  I also found some articles that mentioned some pretty interesting marketing techniques.  Two […]

Having to cut 10% from a fake library budget + a background in Literature and Writing = a very unhappy Jedi Librarian

So for my Library Administration class I have to take this budget I’m given, and cut it by 10%.  Now, the last math class I had was Liberal Arts Math.  Second semester Sophomore year.  Six years ago.  Math is not my strong suite.  I loathe it.  Never have been good at it, and my many […]

Why do I get the feeling the disscussion board is going to be the death of me?

Before this semester, I didn’t mind the class discussion boards that went along with my online classes.  I’ve posted in forums for years so talking to people in other parts of the state for a few participation points didn’t faze me.  But it’s starting to get annoying in my Library Administration class. In Foundations, we […]

And we’re off…

Semester two is well underway and off to a good start. Unfortunately, I need a new computer.  Since my last post, my computer stopped turning on and Best Buy says it needs a new mother board.  It’s almost cheaper to get a new one .  I’ve tried to see if I can’t get it on […]

Another year and semester over

Hello again everyone!  It’s been a whirlwind end to the semester.  I got As in both of my classes.  Thank the Force.  I only got a few points off in Organization and got 10 off on the Pathfinder, but still managed to come away with a 98 there.  Next semester I’m taking Library Administration and […]