Here’s To One More Year of School

Two years down, one more to go.  Tomorrow marks the first day of my third and final year of library school.  I’m so ready for this to done with.  I have five classes left to take out of thirteen. My last required class is Collection Development.  I’ve logged into Blackboard and it looks like all […]

Abandonded Walmart Turned Into Nation’s Largest Single Floor Library

While looking through my Facebook feed today, I came across an article shared by a classmate from UT.  It seems an abandoned Walmart in McAllen, Texas has been re-modeled and turned into the largest single floor public library in the nation.  Very impressive if you ask me.  The library is sleek and modern, with facilities […]

Social Media in Libraries: A Review of Literature

The following is for my Preparing Instructional Media class. University libraries across the country have adopted Web 2.0 technologies to enhance their websites, market their services, and to promote user feedback/interaction.  According to Mahmood and Richardson (2011), the most used Web 2.0 technology in libraries is RSS feeds, followed closely by instant messaging reference services, […]

Facebook, Libraries, and Librarians

Facebook is a popular social networking website used by approximately 600 million users as of January of this year, according to it’s Wikipedia article.  People use it to re-connect with old friends and keep in touch with friends and family.  Despite the privacy issues, it can be very helpful for staying in touch with family […]