Wikis and Blogs: A Review of the Literature

This weeks readings covered Wikis and Blogs.  Both applications are great tools for librarians and libraries.  Until I started in this program, I had only ever used Wikipedia and the Wookiepedia (the Star War wiki) and never would have thought of them as having an academic application.  My experience with blogs however, is a bit […]

Reading Lists, and Discussion Board Posts, and Blogs oh my!

It seems that this semester, textbooks a couple of journal articles won’t be the only things I have to read.  Already three days into the semester, and the Discussion Boards for both classes move at lightening speed it seems.  And then there are the blog posts I’ll have to read as well. While the reading […]

Social Media in Libraries: A Review of Literature

The following is for my Preparing Instructional Media class. University libraries across the country have adopted Web 2.0 technologies to enhance their websites, market their services, and to promote user feedback/interaction.  According to Mahmood and Richardson (2011), the most used Web 2.0 technology in libraries is RSS feeds, followed closely by instant messaging reference services, […]