Reading Lists, and Discussion Board Posts, and Blogs oh my!

It seems that this semester, textbooks a couple of journal articles won’t be the only things I have to read.  Already three days into the semester, and the Discussion Boards for both classes move at lightening speed it seems.  And then there are the blog posts I’ll have to read as well. While the reading […]

If I don’t finish this semester soon I’m gonna lose it…

“It means go crazy, nuts, insane, bonzo, no longer in possession of ones faculties, three fries short of a Happy Meal, wacko!” After my last post, I had planned to get back on track with weekly posts, but alas, that was not to be.  I was out of commission the next week due to one […]

Second Semester Woes

So I start my second semester on Monday.  I am not looking forward to it.  I have Basic Information Sources and Organization of Knowledge I, both core classes.  I can’t pronounce either professor’s name, they are both Oriental.  I just hope their accents aren’t so thick that I can’t understand a damn thing they say.   […]