Overbite by Meg Cabot

Another Saturday Edition! Meena Harper now works for the Palantine Guard, warning her coworkers of impending doom before the go into battle with demons. But when an old boyfriend attacks her and turns out to be a recently turned Vampire, Meena suspects something sinister is going on. Alaric agrees when a charming priest he distrusts […]

Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray

Set approximately eight years before The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi are sent on a mission to the planet Pijal to settle a political dispute before a new treaty is signed. Pijal’s regent is the Jedi Rael Averross, Dooku’s apprentice before Qui-Gon, sent there to act as an impartial regent for […]

Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Gray

Nearly twenty-five years have passed since the formation of the New Republic. Leia Organa serves in the ineffective Galacitc Senate as a Populist Senator, those against a strong central government. The Centrists, made up of Imperial wannabes, apologists, and fanboys/girls advocate for a strong central government and leadership that harkens back to the day of […]

Monstress Vol. 2: The Blood by Marie Liu

In volume two, Maika is determined to find out what’s inside her and what exactly her mother was up to. She travels to the Isle of Bones with Kippa, the little fox Arcanic, and Master Ren, the two tailed nekomancer. What they find is most unexpected and Maika has to battle with the help of […]

Monstress by Marie Liu

In this Steampunk/Decopunk inspired version of Asia, two races are at war. The Humans, and the Aracanics, part human and part animal. Maika is a young Arcanic that looks completely human, but harbors a dark entity inside her. Desperate to find out the truth about herself and what happened to her mother, Maika infiltrates an […]

Every Boy’s Got One by Meg Cabot

When Jane Harriss, creator of Wondercat and cartoonist for the New York Journal, agrees to be the made of honor at her best friend Holly’s elopement in Italy she doesn’t count on the against marriage best man, Cal Langdon. Holly, the art director for New York Journal, and her fiance, Mark, Doctor and Health reporter […]