School Board Bans John Green’s Paper Towns After One Complaint

This happened a few weeks ago, maybe more. But I’ve been busy so I haven’t gotten to writing about it. Basically, this year’s list of eighth grade suggested reading material included popular YA author John Green’s novel of young love Paper Towns. One mother who had recently decided to stop homeschooling her child became concerned […]

Pasco Schools Aim for More Modern Media Centers

While going through the Sunday paper I cam across this article on the front page of the Pasco Times section of the Tampa Bay Times.  Last year, the Pasco School Board decided to remove Media Specialists from the Media Center in an effort to balance the budget, which resulted in an outcry of support for […]

New Port Richey Library Earns 4 Star Rating from Library Journal

I meant to get this out weeks ago, but I ended up with the flu, and then bronchitis, so I’m a little late with this auspicious news. For the past few months I’ve been doing my fieldwork at the New Port Richey Library in downtown New Port Richey.  Founded in 1919 by Dr. Avery, the […]

Gaming in Libraries

Gaming in libraries is a relatively new concept.  Gaming has become increasingly popular over the last 30 years since the introduction of Nintendo in the late ’80s.  While I never had a Nintendo, Sony’s Play Station, or  a Sega system growing up, I knew several who did.  Video games have become part of our culture, […]

Inconceivable! Pasco County Media Specialists and Literacy Coaches May Lose Their Jobs

This is an local issue to wear I live that I have been following for the fast few weeks.  I’ve been meaning to post about it and so have been collecting articles on it from my local paper.  In order to balance the budget, the new school superintendent has decided that the best course of […]