Chloe Brown, chronically ill, has just survived a near death experience. Struck with the realization that she hasn’t done anything of note in her life, she decided to get a life. Firstly, is to move out of her family home to her own apartment. The rest she needs some help with, so she enlists her handsome artist super, Redford Morgan, to help her. In exchange, she’ll make him a new website for his art. But Red has his own issues though. Can the two learn to accept each other’s quirks and stay together after their agreement ends?

While romance isn’t my typical genre, when I heard this one had a chronically ill heroine it went on my TBR even before I started my research. Amy even recommended it so I knew it would be good. And it was. I did have to skip/skim some of the sexy times since they were a little too much for me with being Ace, but the banter between them and the storyline kept me interested.

The back and fourth e-mails between the two were top notch adorable. I LOVE banter. It’s how I flirt myself when I do, so I appreciate characters that do the same.

Chloe has fibromyalgia, possibly triggered by a very serious bought of pneumonia in college. Prior to that, she did not have any health issues. But as a result, her former friends and fiancee didn’t understand her change in behavior and new diagnosis and so abandoned her. She fears Red will do the same since she is ill. Instead, he has no problem taking care of her and shows his caring and tenderness through his actions. Making dinner for her, etc.

Red on the other hand was previously in an abusive relationship with a manipulative socialite. As a result he has some trust issues when it comes to women, especially ones that come from privileged backgrounds like Chloe.

I really appreciated the disabled representation in a romance novel. It’s about time we had a romance novel with a disabled lead. This is the first in a trilogy. The other books feature Chloe’s sisters Dani and Eve. I give this one Four Lightsabers.

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