The Lumberjanes prepare for a meteor shower to fly over camp. But when a large meteor crashes in the clearing where they were setting up to watch, the campers find themselves in for a close encounter of the Norse kind. Just what camp needs is another goddess hanging around. Diane suspects Freya has ulterior motives for her surprise visit and it’s up to the Roanokes and Zodiacs to find out what.

I love that this one is space themed and introduces Norse mythology. It’s also always nice to see the Zodiac girls get included. I rather enjoy the expanded cast stories, they’re always more fun. The added element of looking for aliens was also a fun little treat, because where else would aliens hang out then in a magical forest.

At the end, Hes reveals her crush on Diane to her. And Diane reveals she’s Ace. And oh my gosh, it’s about time this comic introduced and Ace character. The have a lot of LGBTQ rep so it’s nice to see the A finally included. Especially to a Demi Ace like myself.

Four Lightsabers for the fun of space and Norse mythology.

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