It’s Jo’s birthday and April is determined to make it the BEST birthday ever. But even the best laid plans can go awry. When Murphy’s Law rears his ugly head will April be able to pull off the ultimate birthday surprise?

This one was funny with all the mishaps and things going wrong. It also taught a great lesson in doing something to please a friend. Even though Jo doesn’t want that big of a party, she knows April has worked hard to throw it and does it out of love. She attends the party in the end even though she doesn’t want to.

I really am starting to wish these volumes were longer. Four issues goes by so quickly that some storylines are just over too quickly. I realize this is for Tween and early Teens and that’s why they are so short, but it does start to seem like the plots are resolved too quickly. This is one of them. I give this one Three Lightsabers.

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