When Ripley finds a map with multiple Xs marked on it, the girls of the Roanoke cabin set off to find buried treasure. While they all wish to find something different, from pirate gold to dinosaur bones, what they end up finding is more than they bargained for. With a healthy dose of Greek myth, follow the Lumberjanes on their next adventure.

In this volume we are introduced to the Tromatikos, a woman from myth who drains gods and goddesses of their energy. Of course, they girls accidentally woke her during their treasure hunt and then have to correct their mistake.

This was a fun one I give it Three and a Half Lightsabers, even though my quick Google search didn’t turn up anything on Tomatikos so I can’t prove she’s really a mythological figure. But if they made her up, than props for coming up with a creative new myth.

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