It the third book of this hilarious series, trouble has come to the Kingair Pack making Sidheag very upset. When she arrives bedraggled to Sophronia’s older brother’s engagement ball, Sophronia, Dimity, Soap, and even Felix are determined to help her. But that’s easier said than done. When they hop a train they find more than they bargained for: mysterious equipment and Vampire Drones. Can Sophronia and company unravel the mystery before it’s too late?

A Steampunk book with a train adventure, yes please! This one was a bit more complicated mystery as it led us to believe the train was causing the disruption with the mechanicals, and I fell for it! It’s good to know I can be taken be surprise with a mystery plot.

The love triangle between Soap/Sophronia/Felix came to a bit of a head here as Felix’s bias for the Pickleman and insistence that his father wasn’t up to something began to put a strain on things. And Soap’s open distaste for the young lord and vice versa didn’t help. Although I got the impression in the end that Felix was coming to realize his father might not be the man he thought he was.

Shenanigans, hilarious situations, and adventure abound here. I give it Four Lightsabers. I’m really sorry I haven’t read these sooner, and will have to read the Parasol Protectorate series next year to catch up with Carriger’s back catalog. They are such great, light, funny reads.

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