The Lumberjanes are back! This time, they’re investigating the strange temporal event surrounding the camp. But when Molly tampers with Jo’s device because she wants the summer to last even longer, time goes even more haywire. Stranger bubbles appear that affect everyone’s ages: Jenn gets younger, Ripley becomes an adult, and Rosie gets even older. Can the girls reverse what Molly did before it’s too late?

I love stories that deal with time. Timeless was a fave show and the time travel episodes of Doctor Who and Stargate were always so much fun. The references with the title and the the treehouses were great.

This one explored not wanting to leave camp and finally finding a place you feel you belong. Which are the reasons Molly does what she does. It also continued the mysterious way time flows at camp and the meddling of the Fox that happened in the last volume.

I give this one Four Lightsabers.

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