In this sequel to The Accidental Keyhand, Dorrie and her brother Marcus return to Petrarch’s Lybrary to begin their training as apprentices. But not all is well at the Lybrary. The Foundantion is threatening to undue several missions, including a crux mission. Meanwhile, Dorrie and Ebba go on their first mission to help some suffragists and Marcus is determined to help a musician in 328 BCE.

This series is so much fun. It’s got adventure, action, humor, and time travel! I love that real historical figures make appearances, and that the characters visit different time periods (called wherens, a combination of where and when). It’s such a clever way to teach history to young readers. It also got that bit of action and adventure to keep kids excited about what will happen next.

I love the pop culture references sprinkled through out. It gives it an extra something to let you know that Dorrie and Marcus are modern kids in a place where everyone else is right out of history.

I’m not as fond of this cover as I was of the last one. I typically don’t care if covers in a series match, but this was so clearly a different artist. And I just don’t like the style compared to last one.

However, it seems this is the last in the series, despite that it’s not the end of the story. I can’t find anything to indicate the series continues.

I give this one Three and a Half Lightsabers.

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