Set after the events of the Mortal War, and during some of the events of City of Fallen Angels, The Red Scrolls of Magic follows Alec and Magnus on their European Vacation. Of course, things don’t go as planned. Tessa Gray shows up asking Magnus to look into a cult he supposed started a long time ago. Problem is, he has not memory of it. Alec and Magnus must work together to clear Magnus’s name and find out who is really behind the cult before it’s too late.

I really liked the adventure of this one. Who doesn’t love a road trip across Europe to catch bad guys and hunt demons? I thought it fit well into the Shadowhunters canon and liked fining out what shenanigans the two got up to on their supposed vacation.

Several characters from the other series made appearances, however, with the exception of Tessa, I thought the other characters didn’t always act in a way that matched up to how they acted in the other books. This is probably due to there being a co-author on this one. It was hard to tell what parts Cassie wrote and which were Wesley’s. But I did get the impression that it didn’t flow as well as other books I’ve read that are written by multiple authors.

I did not like the romance. I’m sorry, but I’m not a big Malec fan. I love Magnus on his own, but I just don’t agree that they are right for one another. At this point in the story, Alec is broody, insecure, at times jealous – especially when it comes to Magnus’s past- and even a bit immature. Magnus is so much older than him, I just don’t see why he’d pick Alec, other than the obvious physical attraction. This ship is just not for me.

However, Aline and Helen are quite cute.

Also, the cover of this one doesn’t match the covers of the other Shadowhunters books. I’m usually not one to care about that, but this one just doesn’t appeal to me either. It’s not as pretty in my opinion.

I give this one Three and a Half Lightsabers.

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