“Unfortunately, you may have to delay your plans for sororicide a bit longer. Gabriel Lightwood is downstairs, and I have two words for you. Two of your favorite workds, at least when you put them together.”

“‘Utter Simpleton’?” inquired Will. “‘Worthless Upstart’?”

“‘Demon Pox’,” he said.

~ Jem and Will

He looked around the now silent entryway. “He has become a worm. That is what I’m telling you.”

“I don’t suppose it would be possible,” said Henry into the silence, “to, er, step on him?”

Gabriel shook his head. “He’s a worm,” he said again tonelessly.

“I know. He has brought shame on the name Lightwood, and lied to both of us. He shamed and destroyed our mother. But we need not be like him.”

Gabriel pulled away from his brother’s girp, his teeth suddenly flashing in an angry scowl. “You’re not listening to me,” he said. “He’s a worm. A worm. A bloody great serpentlike thing.”

~ Gabriel, Henry, and Gideon

Heroes endure because we need them. Not for their own sakes.

“Did she mention that her father had eaten her husband?” Henry inquired, finally looking up from his newspaper. “Oh, yes. Ate him. Left his bloody boot in the garden for to find. There were teeth marks. Love to know she that could have been an accident.”

~ Henry to Consul Wayland




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