In the conclusion to the Infernal Devices, Tessa is kidnapped by Mortmain who plans to use her to destroy the Shadowhunters. An attack on the Institute leaves Jems’s life hanging on the balance. Will sets off on a mad dash rescue attempt to save the woman both he and Jem love. Gideon and Gabriel deal with the aftermath of the revelation about their father who has transformed into a demon thanks to his sexual escapades with demons. All the while, Consul Wayland works to discredit Charlotte with the Clave to combat her ever growing popularity as his term in office ends.

The truth of what Tessa is finally comes out, as does Mortmain’s plan to use not only her shapeshifting ability, but her half Shadowhunter status to breed a new type of Shadowhunter. Aloysius Starkweather even says she can take her place as a Starkweather, despite her demonic father.

Cecily begins her training as a Shadowhunter and makes a connection with Gabriel. Imagine my surprise when I realize she’s Alec and Isabelle’s great-great-great-granmother! So Jace and Alec are distant cousins! Gideon and Sophie are so sweet together. I love that he loves her even with the scar. I’m not sure yet who their descendants are in the story, but I can’t wait to find out. Also, the fact that Gabriel is an archer is fitting since Alec is one as well.

Then their’s that love triangle. The willingness of each of them to give up Tessa for the other speaks volumes about how much Jem and Will love and care for one another. I’ve never seen that in a love triangle in YA before. Usually each guy thinks they are the perfect one for the girl and doesn’t bow out easily.

Magnus and Henry teaming up was golden. Finally someone other than Charlotte recognizes Henry’s genius. Imagine what else the two of them could achieve together besides the first Portal. Speaking of, way to go Cecily for being bold and brave enough to be the first one through!

I give this one Four and a Half Lightsabers.

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