Fandom Quote Friday: Kingdom of Ash

The advantage to reading in Kindle format is I can highlight my favorite quotes to have them later. It also tells me what other’s have highlighted and how many have highlighted the quote. I’ve found that I don’t necessarily highlight the same things. In fact, more often then not, the quotes that strike me are not the ones that strike others. Most of what I’ve included here was not highlighted by other readers. Some are epic speeches, others are just hilarious lines.

“Whether my grandmother decrees it so or not, you are my people, and always will be. But I will fly against you, if need be, to ensure that there is a future for those who cannot fight for it themselves. Too long have we preyed on the weak, relished doing so. It is time that we became better than our foremothers.” The words she had given the Thirteen months ago. “There is a better world out there,” she said again. “And I will fight for it.” She turned Abraxos away, toward the plunge behind them. “Will you?”

~Mannon to those assembled at the Ferrian Gap

“Fenrys … You know, I don’t actually know your family name.”

Fenrys threw a roguish wink at the queen. “Moonbeam.”

“It is not,” Aelin hissed, choking on a laugh.

Fenrys laid a hand on his heart. “I am blood-sworn to you. Would I lie?”

~ Aelin and Fenrys about his last name

Aelin sketched a mocking bow to the Lord of Anielle.

“On that lovely parting note, we’re going to finish up our dinners. Enjoy your evening, we’ll see you on the battlements tomorrow, and please do rot in hell.”

~ Aelin to Chaol’s father

No, that magnificent horse trampled them, fearless and wicked, just as Chaol had predicted. A horse whose name meant butterfly—stomping all over Valg foot soldiers.

~ Chaol on Farasha, his horse


And it was not darkness, but light—light, bright and pure as the sun on snow, that erupted from Asterin. Light, as Asterin made the Yielding. As the Thirteen, their broken bodies scattered around the tower in a near-circle, made the Yielding as well. Light. They all burned with it. Radiated it. Light that flowed from their souls, their fierce hearts as they gave themselves over to that power. Became incandescent with it.

~ The last stand of Twelve of the Thirteen

And when they were alone on the silent battlefield, Manon’s great-grandmother put a hand on her shoulder and said quietly, her voice somehow distant, “Be the bridge, be the light. When iron melts, when flowers spring from fields of blood—let the land be witness, and return home.”

~ Glennis offering comfort to Mannon

It was not the end. And she was not finished. But they were. “To a better world,” Mala said, and walked through the doorway into her own. A better world. A world with no gods. No masters of fate. A world of freedom.

~ Mala’s final act of defiance against her kind to help Aelin

“I know,” Darrow repeated, and glanced down to Evangeline before he looked to Lysandra. “Someone very wise recently told me that Terrasen is not merely a place, but an ideal. A home for all those who wander, for those who need somewhere to welcome them with open arms.” He inclined his head to Lysandra. “I formally recognize Caraverre and its lands, and you as its lady.” Lysandra’s fingers found Evangeline’s and squeezed tight. “For your unwavering courage in the face of the enemy gathered at our doorstep, for all you have done to defend this city and kingdom, Caraverre shall be recognized, and yours forevermore.” A glance between her and Aedion. “Any heirs you bear shall inherit it, and their heirs after them.” “Evangeline is my heir,” Lysandra said thickly, resting a warm hand on her shoulder.

~ Lord Darrow’s speech to Lyssandra

Cadre, yet more than that. Brothers—the warriors fighting at his side were his brothers. Had stayed with him through all of it. And would continue to do so now.

~ Rowan on his companions

No longer slaves. No longer raging and broken. A home. This would be their home. Their future. Together.

~ Lyssandra (I think, I can’t remember)

Hafiza’s mouth cracked into a grin. “This is life, Yrene. We never stop learning. Even at my age.”

~ The Healer on High to Yrene


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