Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas


The epic conclusion of the Throne of Glass series. Aelin has been captured by the Valg Queen, Meave, and Rowan, Gavriel, Lorcan, and Elide are hot on her trail. They are determined to find their Queen at any costs. Their allies and friends are spread out across Erilea all battling their own battles against Erewan’s army.

Chaol, Yrene, Nesryn, and the Khagan’s army are sailing up the coast trying to avoid Erewan’s fleet and find a way to help embattled inhabitants of Adarlan and Terrasen.

Dorian, Mannon, and the Thirteen are looking for the final key and the Chrochans in an effort to gain more allies and unite the Ironteeth and Crochans as one.

Aedion, Lyssandra, and the allied army Aelin amassed is headed for Terrasen. But all their allies might not be enough to win the war if Rowan and company don’t find Aelin. Lyssandra can only impersonate Aelin for so long before everything falls apart.

All must come together to defeat Erewan and Meave once and for all and free Erilea from darkness.

This book was LONG. The longest I’ve ever read. A veritable brick if I hadn’t read it in e-book form. Clocking in at just shy of 1000 pages, this is by far the longest “YA” book I’ve ever seen. You’ll notice my quotes, that’s because I don’t consider this series YA due to the character ages and the explicit sexual and violent content, but New Adult Fantasy. And really, it should have been marketed as such.

But I digress.

All the plot lines really came together here. I’m impressed by her ability to keep it all straight in her head. All the couples got a happy ending, and almost everyone lived happily ever after. Of course, that’s why it took 1000 pages to finish all the plot lines and bring everything together.

However, there were a few character deaths. Those that died were the ones NOT in a relationship. Which kind of irked me, especially Gavriel. While I’m a sucker for a sacrificial death in the name of a cause or saving someone, it just didn’t seem right with him. Most of the relationships here focused on romantic love, there were very few parent child relationships, and most of them were not positive. I was really hoping that Gavriel and Aedion would get the chance to get to know one another and get to be a family when the war was over since that was denied them in the past. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I feel like we missed out on seeing a positive relationship with them.

Some passages got long winded I think. Scenes dragged on at times, or events. Or we left one group of characters for too long and I almost forgot where we’d left them when we came back to them. The torture scenes were a bit difficult to get through, and I could have done with out them. I’m not squeamish or one of those people that gets “triggered” by fictional things, but it was off putting. I also think it was unrealistic the way Aelin jumped into bed with Rowan so quickly after she escaped. Granted it wasn’t immediately, but I’d think it would be some time before a woman who’s just been tortured for months would want her husband to so much as touch her. I know sex would be the last thing on my mind in that situation. But Maas’s fans expect the sex scenes.

All in all I give this one Four Lightsabers.


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