In the other bed his roommate snored like a cavalry crossing a bridge.

~ Bennidict of his roommate’s snoring

A porter’s furious curse brought attention back. “Jesus, Mary…” the young man muttered, then glanced at her with a blush. “Begging your pardon miss. It’s just, what you got in this thing? A dead body?”

“Parts of one.”

~ On Beatrice’s trunk

“Also, if you’ll permit me to be outspoken for a moment -”

“There is no one in a fifty mile radius who could hope to outspeak you, Miss Clark.”

~ Beatrice and Bennedict

“My stepfather owned a farm. We shot cans sometimes. Or, you know, dinner.”

“How barbaric.”

~ Beatrice and Bennedict

“What did you do to get sent to St. Mary’s?

“I ran out of money,” she said more viciously then she intended.

~ Beannedict and Beatrice

“How about a dance with an old man?” uncle Leo asked, taking Beatrice’s elbow.

“As long as you aren’t worried about the state of your feet,” she said.

“My deer, I’m as drunk as a glass of lemonade in July. I won’t feel a thing.”

~ Beatrice with her uncle Leo

The trace of curiosity on his voice further proved that anything, even something illegal, was better than his osn’s becoming a novelist, which was considered a bit above a trained circus animal, but a bit above a trained circus clown.

~ Beatrice’s observation of Bennedict’s father


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