At the height of the Roaring ’20s, six recent grads are about to have the summer of their young lives. Parties, Jazz, Prohibition, Gangsters, and unconventional young women abound in this retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, set in what else: a Speakeasy. Beatrice and Benedict, Hero and Calude, Margaret and John, and of course Prince are in for a wild couple of weeks as they try to keep the Stahr family speakeasy, Hey Nonny Nonny afloat amid rivalries over liquor and hearts.

I read the first two chapters on Epic Reads before this book was released, and I immediately knew I had to read it. Shakespeare and the roaring ’20s? Yes, please! I can think of no better updated setting for Much Ado, it lends it self well to the atmosphere of the time.

The Beatrice and Benedict were perfect. I loved their witty banter and their strong independent personalities that complimented one another. Hero as the loving daughter trying to save her mother’s pride and joy, worked really well, as did Prince as the devoted, and besotted, barkeep. I never thought about Margaret and John as potential lovers, but given Margaret’s role in the original play, I can definetly sees it’s potential now. As for Claude, I like George’s choice for how the character was handled, because she’s right, he doesn’t deserve Hero.

This was a delightful retelling and I really hope George does other Shakespeare comedies either in the same era or perhaps other early to mid twentieth century as I think they lend themselves well to the updated yest still historic setting. Plus, you could then potentially put them in the same universe.

I give this one Four Lightsabers.

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