In the third installment in the Charlotte Holmes series, Jamie has gone back to Sherringford and settled into a routine. Classes, Rugby, applying for King’s College London, and a girlfriend. He hasn’t seen Holmes in a year, since that fateful day on lawn of her family’s estate. Charlotte is in the wind, alone for the first time and hunting Lucien Moriarty in an effort to stop him before he can hurt her Watson. But mysterious things happening to Jamie and Charlotte’s case might be connected and it isn’t long before this two man band is back together again and running for their lives.

I really liked the alternate points of view in this one. We got inside Charlotte’s head and learned more about her past and upbringing. And let me just say, her father is an ass. Her mom is almost as bad for letting him “raise” their children in the way that he did. Abused is closer to it really.  We also go to see how she views herself versus how Jamie sees her and her internal struggle to be a better person than she was trained to be. It all really helped to understand her better.

I didn’t see any of the connections coming, which is a testament to how good of an author Cavallaro is. I have a tendency to see things coming, and I definitely didn’t see the twists in this one coming! It had me on the edge of my seat and I read about half of the book over the course of an afternoon and evening when I got off work early.

I give this one Four Lightsabers.


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