In the conclusion to the story that started in Dangerous Creatures, Link and his bandmates are determined to find and save Ridley from her grandfather, the evil and twisted Blood Incubus Silas Ravenwood. But Ridely might not be the same Siren when they find her.

This was part of the spinoff series featuring Ridley Duchannes and Link, two of the characters in Garcia and Stohl’s bestselling Castor Chronicles. I really liked the Castor Chronicles and was excited to read the spinoff series. I read the first book when it came out in 2014, and have been trying to get my hands on the sequel for years (no library I can borrow from has it). I finally found it in the donations at the end of last year. I barely remember the plot of it’s companion, but I remembered enough to pick this one up pretty quickly.

However, this series just isn’t as good as the main series. Which stinks since the ongoing saga of the Ravenwood and Duchannes family should be more interesting. I’d love to see these characters as college age adults still fighting the good fight against their corrupted ancestors. But this just fell flat. It was the writing, or the story necessarily, it just didn’t have the same level of suspense and intrigue I think.

The end of this one left more questions then it answered. What exactly is Silas’s aim? What’s in his lab in LA? What exactly did you infuse Ridley with on that fourth infusion? Can he really make Angelique immortal? Is Ridely taking on personality traits from the Castors whose powers she was infused with they way Angelique started acting like Seraphine? Why does Ridley now smell Mortals? Why/How did her eyes change to violet? What does she plan to do in LA with Nox? Do the others just accept her choice and leave? What about the other young women in the Menagerie? Are they just going to go home?

I feel like there should have been at least one more book where they defeat Silas, but that it was canceled since the series did poorly. I mean I can’t see Link just walking away at the end of this, or any of the characters after what they did to get Ridley back. Silas is still out there after all. Lena would not accept her cousin just abandoning everything like that. Then there’s the fact I picked up on a budding relationship with Sampson and Necro and the possibility that Link would end up with Floyd in the end if Ridley does choose Nox. I feel that was unexplored.

For this I give it Three Lightsabers. It was OK, but needed more oomph in my opinion.

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