Top Ten Tuesday: 9 Characters That Remind Me Of Myself

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This is a tricky one as I don’t typically relate to fictional characters. But I think I can come up with some that I can relate to at least in some way.

  1. Zuzana Novakova from Daughter of Smoke and Bone. She petite and fierce just like me. Plus, there’s her love of chocolate as a main food group, her devotion to her friends, and her sarcasm is on point.
  2. Stella from The Kiss Quotient. We are the same age and neither of us has ever had a boyfriend or any dating experience. And while I don’t have Autism, I do have some of the same issues as she does due to a genetic disorder.
  3. Lady Mary Crawly. I know she isn’t a book character, but I relate to her inability to tell the man she loves she’s in love with him. Her reluctance to fall in love, her fear of it, they way she doesn’t realize her true feelings until it’s too late, and the way she tries to control her feelings in front of others so that the see something else. At least that’s how I perceive her. I once didn’t tell someone how I truly felt about them, and ten years later I regret that decision. Would the relationship have worked out in the long run? Probably not, I’m positive it would have ended after a couple of years. But at least I would have said something.
  4. Greer Sonnel from Star Wars: Bloodline. Greer has Bloodburn, an illness that will eventually kill her. Yet, she is determined to live her life to it’s fullest, even risking triggering an early death because she refuses to live a quite and complacent life. I have a life long illness and I try my best not to allow it to get in my way. Increasingly this has become more difficult than it used to be, but I relate to her not wanting to allow her illness to prevent her from living her life.
  5. Cyra Novak from Carve the Mark. While this book and this character got a lot of flack for being ableist, however I didn’t view it that way. I found her descriptions quite accurate and never felt that she was making Cyra inferior to anyone. I suffer from chronic migraines caused by scoliosis, two points of congenitally fused vertebrae (meaning at those points I have one big vertebrae with out a disk between them), bulging disks, and a genetic disorder. I have a lot of pain issues as a result. Cyra’s descriptions of dragging herself out of bed, moving slowly, the slightest movement causing shooting pain. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dragged myself out of bed in the same way. Or tried not to move because it makes my migraine worse to do so. Cyra’s descriptions of pain and how she dealt with it are super relateable.
  6. Mark Blackthorn from The Dark Artifices. I’m not sure I’d say he reminds me of me per say, but I do feel for him. After spending five years in Fearie as part of The Hunt, Mark doesn’t feel he fits in with his siblings and fellow Shadowhunters. But he also feels he doesn’t truly belong in Fearie either. The Fae despise him for being part Nephilim, and Vice Versa. Growing up, I moved a lot and never felt like I belonged in any one group. In high school, I had friends in various groups: band, ROTC, the Anime kids, etc. but I never was truly one of them. I was one of the smart honors kids, but I never really made friends with them, so I wasn’t included. I floated between groups never really belonging. You have to realize, it wasn’t cool to be a Star Wars fan then, especially if you were a girl, and I didn’t know many other Geek girls since we all hid that aspect out of self preservation. So I understand how he feels left out in both groups. As an adult, I finally found “my tribe” so to speak, and I can sense that through his love for his siblings and his relationship with Christina and Kieran, he’s doing the same (I have yet to read Queen of Air and Darkness so please no comments with spoilers).
  7. Olivia “Liv” Durrand from the Castor Chronicles. Liv is the teenage Keeper/Librarian in training. She reminded me a lot of me at seventeen. Smart, sarcastic, future librarian. She’s also a huge Geek.
  8. Marian Ashcroft from the Castor Chronicles. Marian is the town librarian and the Keeper of the Lunae Libri, as well as Liv’s teacher and the best friend of Ethan’s mom. She has a quote for every situation, as a quote lover I love that about her. I quote my fave things a lot. She is dedicated to both her library positions and to helping the young Castors and Mortals that come to her for assistance.
  9. Cath from Fangirl. I too used to write fan fiction in  my dorm room, however it was Stargate fan fic (and fan art). I even used the characters of Samantha Carter and Jack O’Neill, changed their names and their jobs slightly (you know, so their military ranks weren’t the ONLY thing keeping them apart), but kept their personalities, and wrote a short story for class. Unlike Cath’s professors, mine didn’t necessarily look down on fan fic, in fact I remember my Fiction I professor asking if anyone did write it and admitting at the difficulty of capturing characters that were not your own accurately. I think she was slightly impressed that I had tried my hand at it. But she and my Fiction II professor were against any kind of blatant Genre writing. (I know, weird right?) I also like that Cath reads aloud to Levi. There’s something about the companionship of it, the intimacy of just sitting alone and reading together. I wish I had a guy like Levi for that.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 9 Characters That Remind Me Of Myself

  1. Ooooo I had Cath on my list. I think she was relatable due to a variety of reasons. One, she’s a fangirl like me, loves to read and write and also her character is general since she stays away from the big crowds but has a sassy side to her which I loved! And I haven’t read Daughter of Smoke and Bone yet but Zuzana does remind me of myself. Chocolate and Sarcasm! love it! 🙂

  2. This is slightly irrelevant, but I’m actually reading a book right now about the power of reading aloud (it’s called The Enchanted Hour). There are like…a TON of benefits to reading out loud! For kids, obviously, but just in general to adults as well. It’s kind of blowing my mind.

    • There are so many benefits to it that no body realizes. Especially for kids. My mom and I still read aloud to one another occasionally. Usually, the Friends Book Club book for work, but we also read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before that way together.

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