Fandom Quote Friday: Speak Easy, Speak Love

In the other bed his roommate snored like a cavalry crossing a bridge. ~ Bennidict of his roommate’s snoring A porter’s furious curse brought attention back. “Jesus, Mary…” the young man muttered, then glanced at her with a blush. “Begging your pardon miss. It’s just, what you got in this thing? A dead body?” “Parts […]

Speak Easy, Speak Love by Mckelle George

At the height of the Roaring ’20s, six recent grads are about to have the summer of their young lives. Parties, Jazz, Prohibition, Gangsters, and unconventional young women abound in this retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, set in what else: a Speakeasy. Beatrice and Benedict, Hero and Calude, Margaret and John, and of […]

A Question of Holmes by Brittany Cavallaro

In the final Charlotte Holmes book, Charlotte and Jamie are spending the summer before college in Oxford’s pre college program. The intend to spend time together getting to know one another without emanate danger breathing down their necks. But when a professor asks them to look into some mysterious happenings from last summer’s dramatics program, […]

The Case for Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro

In the third installment in the Charlotte Holmes series, Jamie has gone back to Sherringford and settled into a routine. Classes, Rugby, applying for King’s College London, and a girlfriend. He hasn’t seen Holmes in a year, since that fateful day on lawn of her family’s estate. Charlotte is in the wind, alone for the […]

Dangerous Deception by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

In the conclusion to the story that started in Dangerous Creatures, Link and his bandmates are determined to find and save Ridley from her grandfather, the evil and twisted Blood Incubus Silas Ravenwood. But Ridely might not be the same Siren when they find her. This was part of the spinoff series featuring Ridley Duchannes […]