Fandom Quote Friday: King of Scars

“We don’t know what may happen next,” said Nikolai. “Usually a thrilling proposition, less so when a demon may take over my consciousness and try to rule Ravka by gnawing on my subjects.”

~ Nikolai

“This is particularly delicious trouble,” he said.

“Oh no,” groaned Genya. “When you talk that way, things are always about to go horribly wrong.”

~ Nikolai and Genya

“I’m sorry,” said Genya. “Exactly what is delicious about this?”

“The way we’re going to get out of it.” Nikolai slouched back in his chair and stretched his legs, crossing them at the ankle. “We’re going to throw a party.”

“I see,” said Zoya. “How drunk am I expected to get before this all starts looking better?”

“I fear there isn’t enough wine in all of Kirigin’s cellars,” conceded Nikolai. “And I regret to say we’ll need to be sober for this.”

~ Nikolai, Genya, and Zoya

“You need a bride, and right now, your still a worthy prospect.”

“Right now?”

“You’re still young. You have all your teeth. And Ravka’s military hasn’t been trounced into the ground.”…

“Princess Ehri Kir-Taban .”

“Second in line for the Shu throne, yes?”

“Yes, and one of our most ideal prospects. She’s young, amiable, and wildly popular among her people. Very gifted on the khatuur.”

“Twelve strings or eighteen?”

“Why does it matter?”

“It’s important to have standards Nazyalensky.”…


“Natasha Bertova.”

The Baroness Beritrova?”

Zoya looked studiously at the paper. “That’s the one.”

“She’s fifty.”

~ Nikolai and Zoya discussing possible brides

Zoya peered at the tiny bottle Genya handed her. It was fitted with a glass topper. “Is this enough?”

“More than enough,” said Genya. “Give him one drop immediately before sleep, a second if you have any trouble. Any more than that and there’s a chance you’l kill him.”

“Good to know. Regicide isn’t on my list of preferred crimes.”

~ Genya and Zoya

It was not every day one was called before the Grisha Triamvirate – though he was relieved to find that Zoya Zazyalensky was still traveling with the king, so he could at least avoid her scathing look of disdain. She could wither a man’s balls just by raising an eyebrow.

~Isaak on Zoya

Nikolai’s gaze met Zoya’s. She drew in a long breath, then nodded. IT was time to other’s new. “We have some bad news.”

“There’s more?” asked Genya.

“It’s Ravka.” Nikolai and Zoya said together.

“There’s always more,” she heard him finish.

~ Nikolai, Genya, and Zoya



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