Fandom Quote Friday: Star Wars: Bloodline

Sabacc was notoriously tricky, and the odds were always in the house’s favor. But few sabacc players had learned the game from Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.

~ Leia on Sabacc

Luke said those strong instincts of hers served as proof of the Force, evidence that it was working through her all the time.

~ Leia thinking about Luke and the Force

“Captain Solo once piloted us into an asteroid field, remember? He doesn’t get to lecture anyone on taking risks. Anyway, I outrank him.”

~ Leia to C-3PO

“Really?” Leia’s expression was so startled Ransolm might have laughed, if his throat hadn’t felt like it would burst into flame at any moment. “Han actually drinks Port in a Storm?” The droid put one metal hand to his chest as though begging her pardon. “Oh, no, indeed. However, Captain Solo has sometimes employed it during ship repairs as an emergency solvent.” “Figures.”

~ Leia and C-3PO

“Damn. Sibensko’s a rough place. Only came here a couple of times, myself—didn’t trust the kind of people who did business here. And this is coming from someone who took work from the Hutts”

~ Han Solo to Leia

“Yes,” she said as she tilted her mouth up for a kiss. “I know.”

~ Leia to Han Solo


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