Lumberjanes Vol. 10: Parent’s Day by Shannon Watters


It’s the first ever Parent’s Day at camp and Rosie is determined to make it a good one. However, a mysterious mischievous fox has other plans. When the woodland animals start interfering it’s up to the girls of Roanoke cabin to save the day and their families, all without giving away what’s really going on.

I really liked getting to meat everyone’s parents. It gave us a little glimpse into their home lives and why they are they way they are. I especially liked that Mal’s mom was so welcoming to Molly whose parent’s didn’t show up at the start of the day. Jo looks a lot like one of her dads, which makes me think that she’s not adopted, but biologically the daughter of one of them. Which begs the question if we will every meet her mother.I loved the fact that Ripley’s abuela and the bear woman became friends. I can just see them fighting monsters together.

Molly’s parent’s on the other hand…not very warm and loving. Her father seemed a bit more understanding, but her mom was one of those girls should be prim and proper mom’s. We only saw them in a couple of panels, but I’m sure they’ll be antagonists in the future. Or at least her mom will.

Of course the final panels had the fox going to meet something mysterious in a waterfall and make some sort of offering. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

I give this one Four Lightsabers.


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