Lumberjanes Vol: 9: On a Roll by Shannon Watters


When the Yeti’s are kicked out of their tree house by a group of Sasquatches it’s up to the Lumberjanes of Roanoke Cabin and their friends in Zodiac to save the day, Roller Derby style!

This volume was really fun. I know next to nothing about Roller Derby as a sport, and having Mal teach the other girls was a great way to also teach readers. We also learn a bit about the camp’s past as the girls discover a hidden training ground. Although what, exactly, they were training for is still a mystery.

The puns were also great as each of the girls and Jen got a cool puntastic Roller Derby name. I think my faves were Judge and Fury for Jen and Maulie Ringwald for Molly. We also got to see them working together with their newly expanded friends group with Hester and McKenzie of the Zodiacs.

This one is Four Lightsabers.


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