Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass by Lilah Sturges


In this graphic novel set in the Lumberjanes universe, a mysterious compass leads the girls of the Roanoke cabin and Jen astray during an orienteering exercise. One by one, each of the girls disappears and is “assisted” by an oddly polite automaton butlers. An isolated Molly comes across a female explorer who tries to take the compass, but can Molly trust her?

I liked that this didn’t take place as part of the comic, but was it’s own graphic novel. I’m not sure when exactly it takes place, since both the incident with the Greek Deities and the mermaids from volumes one, two, and five respectively are mentioned. But I know it’s after Volume Five, and perhaps before volume six?

I liked that this one taught that life is better with friends. And that your romantic relationships don’t have to negatively effect your friendships, especially if you start dating a friend. Both are good lessons to learn. The power of friendship is, as always, a large part of this comic.

However, I didn’t initially like the art. It’s all line drawings with shading and and the only color is green on the foliage. But I came to like it in the end. It was a nice departure from the full color and the style of the artist was a nice change too.

I give this one Four Lightsabers.


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