The second book in The Dark Artifices sees the Blackthorns and Emma Carstairs visited by the Centurians, elite Shadowhunters, in search of Malcolm Fade’s body. But that’s no the only reason the Centurians are there. Zara Dearborn, the prejudiced leader of the group wants to take the institute for herself and the Cohort, a group that would see Fascist Germany like policies come to the Clave.

Meanwhile, Julian, Emma, Christina, and Mark travel to Faerie to rescue Prince Kieran in repayment for his help rescueing Tavvy. While there they strike a dark bargain with the Seelie Queen.

A race against time ensues to save not only the Institute from the Cohort, but the Blackthorn family, and find a way to end the Cold Peace. But the cost may be more than they are willing to pay.

At 699 pages this one was a whopper. Thank the Force I read it in paperback because I don’t think I would have been able to lug the hardback around. That being said, it was fast paced and a lot happened.

First off, I love the relationship between Mark/Christina/Kieran. I’m usually not an OT3 type of shipper, but I dig this one. I’d rather see Mark and Christina together, but I see the bond the three are forging and how they all care about the other two in their strange Faerie love triangle.

I’m also loving the friendship between the twins and Kit. Ty really needs a friend outside of the family who will understand him, and Kit having lived as a mundane and knowing instantly that Ty is Autisitic is perfect. He’s understanding and patient with him in a way that other Shadowhunters his age wouldn’t be because they don’t know why he’s different. Also, he’s going to need a friend going forward.

That last chapter though! So much happened. I wen from “How can Magnus be sick? He’s Immortral!” to “Diego’s Centurian pin allows him to teleport! How awesome!” to “Oh my god they just killed X” to “What! and X?!” I mean wow. I don’t want to give the deaths away, but if you’ve read the description for Queen of Air and Darkness as I did first, or looked up who the blackthorns were to keep them straight at the beginning, you would already know who at least one of them is.

I have to give this one Five Lightsabers, which I think is the highest rating I’ve given a Shadowhunters book.

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