In this Steampunk/Decopunk inspired version of Asia, two races are at war. The Humans, and the Aracanics, part human and part animal. Maika is a young Arcanic that looks completely human, but harbors a dark entity inside her. Desperate to find out the truth about herself and what happened to her mother, Maika infiltrates an enemy stronghold and ends up chased by humans and Arcanics alike.

The visuals on this Graphic Novel are just gorgeous! I really love Sana Takeda’s art. I also love the world they’ve created together. The Asian and Steampunk and Art Deco influences blend well together to make a unique, one of a kind world.

I also love the mystery surrounding what Maika is and what the entity inside her is. I’m looking forward to unraveling the mystery in future volumes. Then there’s the talking cats with multiple tails. I really want to know more about those two.

I give this one Four Lightsabers.

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