Emma Carstairs is convinced her parent’s deaths had nothing to do with Sebastian Morgenstern. When mundanes and Fae are murdered in the same way, the Faerie Courts ask the Los Angeles Institute to investigate, and in return they’ll return Mark Blackthorn to his family. Emma, her parabatai Julian, Mark, and their friend Christina race against the clock to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

I liked this one more than I liked The Mortal Instruments. I can tell Clare’s writing has improved and matured over the years. I also liked that this one had some urgency to it, a deadline the characters had to make.

Emma and Julian’s love story was much more interesting than Clary and Jace’s thanks to the forbidden love of parabatai issue. You can tell these two really care for one another and have a deep connection from growing up together and raising Julian’s younger siblings.

I also liked the friendship between Emma and Christina. I love seeing strong female friendships and I can tell these two are going to forge a lifelong friendship.

Then there’s Mark. Poor thing. He doesn’t fit in anywhere it seems. I really feel for him and his plight. And I totally ship him and Christina already. She’s the only one that seems to understand him and not have any expectations about how he should be since she never met him before. I realize they have a nice little love triangle or two set up, Mark/Emma/Julian and Mark/Christina/Diego. So I guess time will tell how it all works out.

I give this one Five Lightsabers.

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