City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare


Jace is bound to Sebastian in a dark version of a parabatai bond. Kill Sebastian, and you kill Jace. Clary and their friends are determined to find a way to sever the bond before the Clave decides it doesn’t care if Jace dies in their quest to stop Sebastian before he can enact whatever dark plan he has in store. Clary would do almost anything to get Jace back from her brother. But they could all lose their souls in the process.

I’ve finally found the one that sucked me into the story! This one was the best so far. There was a moment when one of the characters got injured that I was not expecting and I literally gasped out loud. It was more high stakes this time around and not knowing in advance what was going to happen I think made it more enjoyable.

I really liked the continued evolution of Izzy and Simon’s relationship. They are the couple I care about in this series. Jace and Clary still annoyed me  here, and I think it’s because they meet and instantly fell in love in the first book and now it’s just like they can’t keep their hands off one another and they still don’t really know one another all that well I feel like. But Izzy and Simon’s relationship has grown and changed and evolved as the books continue. It’s more realistic and a friends to lovers trope is more believable too.

Magnus’s line about having a home for wayward Shadowhunters made me crack up. Until the last book, I preferred show Magnus, but now I see why book Magnus is loved so much. I feel is sarcasm finally kicked in in CoFA and continued here.

Again, Jocelyn didn’t do much. She did go to the Citadel with Izzy, which so far seems to be about the only useful thing she has done. However, she still annoys me. I acknowledge her right to do whatever she feels is necessary to protect her daughter, however, the fact that her shielding Clary from everything for so long is one of the very reasons they ended up in this mess in the first place makes me mad. If Clary had been aware of the Shadow world and trained her whole life as she should have been, she would have been ready when Valentine inevitably came back and not defenseless. Also, Jocelyn is correct that Clary’s knee jerk reaction now is to jump into danger is because Jocelyn protected her too much. But at least she can admit it. It seems to me book Jocelyn is ruled by her fear, and lets it control her and how she raised Clary. Something both Magnus and Luke point out. If she was smart and brave enough to plan an uprising against her husband and steal the Mortal Cup from him, why is she now a scared and vulnerable woman? I’m sure she could have hidden out at any Institute to hid her from Valentine, retired for active duty and trained younger Shadowhunters and still changed her name to disassociate herself from Valentine. Although, maybe the Clave wouldn’t have allowed that, but if not that would have been stupid of them, and then we wouldn’t have the story. Anyway, I’m rambling.

I give this one a solid Four Lightsabers. I’m excited to see where this leads, and I might just continue on with the Shadowhunter chronicles with the Dark Artifices depending on how I like the final book of The Mortal Instruments. I’ll definitely be reading the Infernal Devices though since they are Steampunk and I’m curious to see the references made here connect.


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