City of Glass by Cassandra Clare


In the next installment of the Mortal Instruments, the gang goes to the capital of the Shadowhunter homeland, Alicante. Simon is imprisoned in the Guard, Clary goes on a quest to save her mother, and Jace and Clary find out more about the experiments that Valentine performed on them in utturo.  Then there’s the mysterious Sebastian Verlac who tries to get close to Clary. All of it leads to an epic showdown and the search for the Mortal Mirror.

I’m determined to continue this series even though the first book didn’t really wow me. This was my favorite so far. I feel like more happened. Some questions were answered that made everything come together. I liked that we got more of Clary’s rune creating power and she finally got to shine instead of being sidelined.

As for differences between the book and show, I liked that the show made the Mark of Cain more of a mystery to figure out and that Clary had already begun training. I realized they dragged the plot out for the show instead of it happening in a few days, but it seemed like a LOT happened in those few days. Maybe too much.

I give this one Four Lightsabers, which is higher than my rating of the others. I can see the writing improving a bit, and I hope that continues. I’ll continue the series, if only to get to the Steampunk ones.


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