The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro


In this sequel to A Study in Charlotte Jamie is visiting Charlotte’s family in England over the Christmas holidays when her uncle Leander goes missing. The two set off on a quest to find Leander that will take them to Germany and the Czech Republic. Along the way August Moriarty gets involved. In the end though, the quest could spell doom for their friendship.

Like the first one, I really liked the updated feel of these. I like that they are kids trying to prove themselves as they walk in the shadow of their ancestor’s greatness. I also like that Cavallaro made Holmes the girl, with all the same flaws Sherlock had. This also changes their dynamic a bit, which adds some great tension as their relationship begins to straddle the lien between friends and something more.

We get a bit of Charlotte’s POV in this one instead of just that single chapter, which I liked a lot. It was high time we saw inside that manic brain of hers.

That shocking ending though. How on earth are they all going to come back from that? How are they going to get out of the situation they all find themselves in? And why does Charlotte get all the blame? Milo pulled the trigger, not her. He’s the one that screwed up this time around by thinking he could play the Moriarty’s without them finding out our double crossing him.

I give this one Four Lightsabers for the action, adventure, mystery, and that shocker ending. When can I get my hands on a copy of The Case for Jamie?


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