After a family emergency shocks Eadlyn, she narrows her Selection down to the Elite. Among them, the sweet budding chef Henri, the life long “friend” and amateur architect Kile, and the fashion expert Hale, along with Ian, and Fox. More pressure is put on Eadlyn as her father refuses to leave her mother’s side and names her regent, and she begins to find out just what the public thinks of her. Then their’s the long lost Illea cousin come back to weasel his way in, and ultimately wreak havoc on her reign. Eadlyn has to chose a husband quickly to prove she’s not the cold hearted girl everyone thinks she is and quell the growing unrest before it’s too late.

Eadlyn really came into her own here and changed for the better. She realized the error of her ways and let her self soften. She also finally realized she was capable of love, even if it was for someone who wasn’t a member of the Selection.

Eadlyn really started to understand the people around her in this one, especially Kile’s sister Josie who she never took the time to get to know because she thought the younger girl was a brat. She soon finds out the other girl idolized her and wanted to be her, not realizing just what Eadlyn had to go through leading to not only an understanding between the two, but a budding friendship. A chage in Eadlyn truly for the better.

And the boys. I love the boys. I had a feeling from the get go that Hale was gay, but I think he needs to be the new official royal designer, and not just for Eadlyn’s wedding dress. They need bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the bride, and dresses for her aunts, and Marlee and Lucy. Henri needs to stay on as an assistant chef, after all he’ll need to cook Swendish dishes for his best friend and former translator Erik. And he and the current chef can swap recipes and learn from each other, which is better than any formal training. As for Kile, he should make those homes for homeless citizens in every province, after he professionally studies architecture of course. And all of them should be on Eadlyn’s council.

Eadlyn changes for the better, not only falling in love and reaching a new understanding about her people, but she does the right thing to move the government forward to help the people and keep the country stable and flourishing. I was really happy with the character growth here. I think the characters didn’t grow and change as much as last  time around, but this time they did.

A fitting end to the series, I give it Four Ligtsabers.


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