Fandom Quote Friday: Queen of Shadows

I haven’t done of these in a while, but with Irma headed my way I thought I’d try to get some posts scheduled, especially since I’ll be working a shelter shift over the weekend. to all in Florida, stay safe and may the Force be with you.

These quotes made me laugh, or at the very least chuckle, or they impressed me in some way.

“Who is that?” Lysandra said too innocently as Aelin escorted her up the stairs.

“Rowan,” Aelin said, kicking open the apartment door.

~ Lysandra and Aelin on Rowan

“I can, and I will. Queen of the Assassins sounds so nice, doesn’t it?” She waved to the door. “See yourself out.”…

“Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing you three gutted and hanging from the chandeliers by your insides, but I think it would ruin these very beautiful carpets that I’m now the owner of.”

~ Aelin to her former assassin comrades.

For Evangeline. For her future. For her freedom. For her friends who had come for her.

~ Lysandra before heading into battle

“Things are changing,” Manon said.

“Good,” Asterin said. “We’re immortals. Things should change, and often, or they’ll get boring.”

~ Manon and Asterin on the coming changes



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