The Woman Who Rides Like a Man



Alanna is oficially a Knight of Tortall. After the devestating conclusion to her confrontation with Duke Roger, she sets out to have an adventure with nothing more than the trusty Moonlight, Faithful, her blade Lightening, and her ever faithful manservant, Corram. Along the way she’s waylaid by a tribe of Bazhir. It isn’t long before Alanna is made one of them. But trouble never seems to be far from Alanna. Someone still wants her dead, and the Realm is still in danger.

This one told the what happened in Alanna’s first year as a knight. She makes friends, allies, gets adopted by Myles, and even gets a marriage proposal from Prince Johnathon. Then there’s her relationship with George, who plays a bit of a bigger role here than before and gets caught up in his own subplot. From this point on, we do have a love triangle, however this was written well before that was a trope in YA. For this reason, I can look it over. Hell, she might actually be the originator of this trope in YA Fantasy.

I think this one finally got into the swing of what I’m used to from her. As Alanna has matured, so has the plot. Even though it covers a shorter length of time, more seems to happen in that time since months aren’t being glazed over or summarized. For this reason I’m giving this one Four Lightsabers.


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