Star Wars Vol. 3: Rebel Jail

As usual, I’m a bit behind by this time of year. Summer Reading tends to do that. My laptop cord also died recently and I didn’t get a new one until a couple of days ago.  I’ve knocked out five more books on my Beat the Backlist, so get ready for a bunch of reviews.


This volume picks up were Vader Down ended, with Aphra on her way to a Rebel run jail for captured Empirials. Luke and Han take a back seat in this one as Leia, Sana, and Aphra are forced to team up to prevent a statistic man from killing everyone in the jail.

I really liked that the ladies got to be front and center here. It was interesting to see their different waring philosophies on how to handle the situation: Diplomatic Leia, trigger happy Aphra, and distrusting Sana. It also became clear that Aphra and Sana had a romantic history and that it did NOT end well.

I’m looking forward to seeing both these women in future volumes because you can never have too many complex female characters. They each bring something new to the saga, and seeing woman in the forefront of the story is just awesome!

The moments with Luke and Han were a cute little adventure. Han gambling and Luke trying his best to cover for Han so Leia doesn’t find just goes to show how fast these two have become friends, and how much they both care about Leia’s opinion. I won’t give away what type of smuggling job they have to take, but it will definitely get a chuckle out of you.

I give this volume Four Lightsabers.


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