Vader Down

My next read in my read through to catch up with the Star Wars comic was Vader Down.


While continuing his search for the boy he now knows is his son, Vader is shot down by none other than Luke Skywalerker! Han, Leia, Chewie and the rest of the rebels are in hot pursuit hoping to bring down the Dark Lord of the Sith once and for all. Meanwhile, Doctor Aphra works to find Luke and prove to Vader that she didn’t set him up. It’s life and death for our intrepid heroes in this crossover volume.

I liked this one compared to the other Vader titles, probably because we got to see Han, Leia, Luke, and Chewie. I’m more interested in those characters and what happened to them between movies than Vader. However, we know going in that all characters will make it out alive, so the stakes aren’t really that high.

The artwork on the issues from the main series was very well done. The artist did a fantastic job capturing the facial expressions of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. They copied some of their looks perfectly from the movies.

I give this one Three and a Half Lightsabers.


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