Wires and Nerve Vol. 1

Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles continues with it’s first graphic novel, Wires and Nerve featuring Iko!


Iko is front and center in this adventure set between the end of Winter and the epilogue that appears in Stars Above. Lunar wolf soldiers are on the lose on Earth and it’s up to Iko to track them down. All our favorite characters make an appearance, but this is Iko’s story as she struggles to prove just how human she is. There is even a promise of finding out more about what Garan might have done to Iko to make her personality so unique.

It’s no secret I love this series, and Iko is hands down one of my favorite characters. Ever. I mean, how can you not love a android that think and acts and wants to be human? I’m really glad she gets the chance to shine in this one. While all the other characters make appearances, it doesn’t detract from Iko’s story. Even Sir Kinney puts in an appearance to make Iko/Kinney shippers swoon.

My only complaint is the artwork. Not only do I not really like the style, but the monochromatic blue/grey pallete made it hard to tell one character from another. With the uniforms, I couldn’t tell Kinney from Jacin from Thorne, even with the slightly different shade of hair, and I do mean slightly. I had to look at the slope of the noses to tell the difference. One one hand, I know a full color graphic novel is more expensive to produce and thus more expensive for the consumer, but I think this one really would have benefited at least from a little more color. Artwork can really make or break a graphic novel, and in this case it breaks it.

For that reason, I’m giving it a Three Lighsabers.  Look for volume 2, Gone Rogue next January.


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