Lumberjanes Vol. 5: Band Together


My Graphic Novel kick continues with Lumberjanes Vol. 5. In this one, now that the winter storm is gone the girls and Jen are enjoying a day by the lake when a mermaid pops her head up. It’s not long before more mermaids show up, and it’s clear the group used to be friends and band mates. April becomes determined to help the mermaids makes amends and get the band back together. But all is easier said than done, especially when April ignores the other girls’ feelings. Can April help the mermaids mend their friendship before she damages her own?

This one takes even more suspension of disbelief than previous volumes. For instance, how the mermaids can play electric guitars under water. The characters even begin to point out how none of it makes any sense, but they’re just going to go with it in light of everything else that’s happened so far.

I give this one Three and Half Lightsabers.


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