Lumberjanes Vol. 4 Out of Time


In this volume Jen takes the girls of Roanoke cabin camping in the woods in effort to teach them the wilderness survival skills she thinks the camp should be teaching. Shortly after their attempt to set up a tent, a freak winter snow storm hits…in the middles of summer. Jen and the girls are separated in the White Out and after making it back to camp and picking up some winter gear, the girls set out on their own to find Jen. In true Lumberjanes fashion, not everything is as it seems and soon they are all caught up in trying to prevent a monster from being unleashed.

This volume gave us more monster mayhem, a bit of the camp’s and Rosie’s past, and even hints at the bigger mystery surrounding the camp. Jen even willingly joins in the fun and mayhem in this one as she finally begins to embrace the craziness of the summer. More than one friendship is tested in this volume, but of course the girls work things out in the end.

I give this volume Three and Half Lightsabers.



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