The Wicked + Divine Vol. 3: Commercial Suicide


This volume of The Wicked + Divine does not follow the main story, despite the fact that the last volume ended on a bit of a cliffhanger/shocker. Instead, we are treated to six standalone chapters that tell about one of the Pantheon’s members: Ba’al, Tara, Wooden, Amatarasu, The Morrigan, and Sakhmet. While we were treated to some backstory on how The Morrigan and Baphomet got their powers, and some backstory for the others, it didn’t drive the story forward. In fact, it kind of detracted from it. After the shocker ended of Vol. 2, I wanted to know what was going to happen next, not have a bunch of interludes that did little to move the story further along. Only one of the chapters actually gave us any information on the machinations of one of the characters. Overall, it wasn’t as interesting as the other two volumes.

Then there was the art. *cringes* I’m not sure where the original artist was, but the art here went from bad to worse to horrible. The first three chapters were tolerable, I actually kind of liked the one for Amatarasu’s, but the final two were just awful, especially the final one. It was just, well, ugly. I don’t know where they got these artists, but I really hope they don’t use them again. The art was distracting and like the lack of plot, detracted from the story.

Between the lack of story here and the art, I have to give this one Two Lightsabers. Not a rating I give very often, but if I wasn’t so interesting in seeing what the rest of the Pantheon is going to do when they find out who is framing them for murder, I wouldn’t be continuing the series after this volume due to the above mentioned issues (pun intended).


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