Movie Trailer Monday: Star Wars

Star Wars Celebration was held in Orlando over Easter weekend, and yours truly was there. While I did not get into the 40th Anniversary, Last Jedi, or Rebels panels, I have seen the trailers that dropped over the weekend.

On Friday it was all about The Last Jedi. I was lucky to “see” the trailer from where it was streamed on the show floor, but it took me three tries to get a decent view of the Star Wars Show stage to see it. There were too many tall people in front of me, and whoever placed that damned life size Tie Fighter put it in the wrong fraking spot. I also couldn’t hear all of it. We see Poe and BB-8 running down a hall to a hanger and an explosion, Finn in a stasis pod, and of course Rey’s training.

On Saturday, I did not get into the Rebels Season 4 sneak peak either. I watched the trailer in the hotel room and had to suppress some whoops and gasps. I really don’t want any of these characters to die, but I understand why one or more may have to for storytelling purposes. As my favorite zen parable states, everything has it’s time to die. We see a glimpse of Bo-Katan Kryze, #HotKallus (yes, I’m totally team #HotKallus), a white wolf (possibly Ahsoka’s fate will be revealed?), Thrawn, and that moment between Hera and Kanan that sent many shipper hearts a flutter, mine included.

There was also an announcement that this season would be the last. I had a feeling the announcement was coming, as another season could potentially bring us up to the events in Rogue One. Rebels was always a story set between the trilogies that told of the early days of the Rebel Alliance, so it stands to reason it would take us up to the movies.


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