Introducing the Flaming Aces and Arrows Anthology

Last year I met a pair of twins on twitter from Fables Library. One of these young women, who identifies as asexual and aromantic, is starting an anthology project with two others that identify on the asexual spectrum. That project I’m happy to announce is Flaming Aces and Arrows. This anthology aims to shed more light on this community and help others understand what it means to be asexual or aromantic. They are looking for submissions of either short stories, nonfiction, or poetry to include.

This project was born out of disappointment that the character of Jughead is not accurately portrayed as asexual and aromantic in the Riverdale series, when he is portrayed that way in the comics. Many fans are understandably upset, especially those that identify as such themselves. As someone who likes to see characters portrayed as accurately as possible on the screen as they are in their source material, I have to say I agree with their ire. In an age were we are seeing an increasing number of characters that identify as LGBTQ I see no reason not to include this bit of Jughead’s personality.

Flaming Aces and Aros aims to portray those in the asexual community accurately and in a positive way. If we are going to be calling for more diverse character of all types in our books and other media, then we shouldn’t be leaving out those that are asexual and aromantic. Please check out their website (linked above) to meet the people behind this project for more information.




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