Movie Trailer Monday: Beauty and the Beast; Everything, Everything

Hi guys, again I’ve behind thanks to personal life craziness and being sick (I’m still sniffling, I don’t think the meds they gave me were strong enough).

The latest and finial Beauty and the Beast trailer came out during the Bachelor a few weeks back. It looks awesome guys. My birthday is in two weeks and the movie comes out on the 17th so I plan to see it as a birthday treat. I saw the original twice in theaters, so I might have to see this one twice as well. My library just got Hoopla streaming, and I checked out the original’s soundtrack and have been listening to it in preparation. Five-year-old me loved the movie, and I was even Belle for Halloween. It was one of my earliest cosplays, mom always made my costumes growing up and I think this one even one a prize. Check out the trailer below.

Released last week was the trailer for Everything, Everything based on the book my Nicola Yoon and staring Amandla Stenberg. You may remember Stenberg as little Rue in The Hunger Games. I haven’t read this one yet, but the trailer looks good. Stenberg would be my pick to play Princess Winter if there’s ever a Lunar Chronicles adaptation, and she is set to be in several other movies based on YA books.

Lastly, Before I Fall based on the bestselling book by Lauren Oliver will be released on March 2 I believe. So check the movie times for that one. Now, who’s with me to see Beauty and the Beast?


2 thoughts on “Movie Trailer Monday: Beauty and the Beast; Everything, Everything

  1. I’ve had recurring strep throat so I feel your pain. I’m on my second round of antibiotics and if this doesn’t work, then I don’t know what to do!

    I’m also excited about B&B. 🙂

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